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A long time, the fashion industry are presented as the perfect industry. The public to see are the most perfect state - spotless skin , muscle compact body , beautiful to most people's clothes do not wear ... but recently , many people started the trend of the fashion industry produces perfection Question ...

Unbearable pressure on the fashion industry say the perfect

The perfect photo magazine gives great pressure

In recent years, many people began to question this trend . Today, the British Government is that this matter referred to a new level - the government will put pressure on the fashion industry , urged the fashion magazines stop using the distortion of the model, and ban magazines and advertisements appearing in the photo over landscaping Phenomenon .

British Minister for Equality Affairs , Liberal Democratic Party , Mr Stone has been very offensive Line Enfeite these create " 0 # model "effect of the photo . This fall, she will include the magazine editor , advertising executives , including the fashion industry practitioners to carry out a series of discussions on the theme of how to enhance the contemporary young people form the correct understanding .

Bear the brunt of criticism is the excessive landscaping photos. Featherstone believes that the perfect is not realistic picture led to "The younger generation of women under great pressure , always in the pursuit of unattainable physical standards. "

Unbearable pressure on the fashion industry say the perfect

She suggested that photo is not entirely not been modified , but the photos are over landscaping , should be affixed with a particular tag , such as kite mark (for the British Standards Institution certified products) or health warning to remind readers this is not true Effect. In an interview with "Sunday Times" interview , she said: "I was very eager to want children and young women who understand that photos are beautified this fact. In this way, they will not become victims of - - that the photograph of 12 -inch waist that is true , and thus away to pursue . because that is impossible . "

Featherstone said the magazine picture should allow people to see more models of different stature , including those plump - such as Hanzhuokesi , she told the sixties of last century the U.S. advertising industry drama " Mad Men ", by playing active business manager Joan Hollywood .

"Hanzhuokesi very charming . We need more such examples . " she said. In fact, young women frequently come into contact with those who say untrue picture - for example, thin female images , which may cause lifelong psychological damage eco dresses. This is an " all children "and should be of concern.

"All the women are feeling pressure to go to the pursuit of that unattainable body standards . This pressure will torture them forever . This is not just a direct , immediate damage , which will probably last a lifetime . Young girls are always under tremendous pressure . " She added, "I am a long time ago , is a little girl . "

Featherstone also stressed that this situation also appeared to men : " Everyone has the pressure , we all want to be able to have a perfect appearance . "

She tried to convince editors and advertisers to stop using the modified Digital Photo and too thin models . She said: " Despite the magazine editors and advertisers have the right to publish whatever they like, but women have the right to feel comfortable on my body at ease . but they were deprived of this right . "

Those over- decorated photo magazine , is actually undermining the industry standards . Industry standards require that magazine can not publish false, misleading or distorted information. Featherstone added: "The magazine published the distortion of images , often through misleading the reader , these pictures were secretly landscaping or modified . "

She also called on the advertising industry to take action. Similarly, the advertising industry standards relevant content , advertising regulations do not give children of any psychological , physical or moral harm . In fact , advertising does contain glorified images that imply for the pursuit of beauty cannot be achieved , and the target audience of these magazines is young .

Featherstone published in the week over remarks before the "big code model , "only complained to advertising campaign , her photograph had been modified , so that figure looks a few sizes smaller . Last year, the Oil of Olay cosmetics company was advertising - oversight committee criticized the ad in an eye cream , the modification of Choi Ji photos , erase the wrinkles of her eye .

Large size of the model will become the new darling fashion it?

Of course, to say the magazine will only lead to the thin models in repair is not fair. This year, many magazines began to sing the praises of females for large yards . A group of Norwegian photographer Zhang Jing , a big code model from the all- star in the fashion of the February board large number "V" in the center . The magazine editor said, " this issue magazine will prove it . " magazine in the same period , but also show different kinds of people see the body by a group of "V on the true colors of your love "and the model code by the famous big Amygdalus Siduoleien and recently the voice of the high co- star in new Ronsky the " one yard takes all " , show the same new spring season is the perfect foil to figure out the two very different women . The magazine 's theme has been very clearly written on the cover : size .

But nowadays most popular in the big code model has written an autobiography last year entitled " Hunger : A young model the appetite , ambition and the ultimate acceptance of full body of the story . " The book describes in detail the early years to keep her skinny figure , had to suffer the pain gastrointestinal disorders . But since her body is no longer mandatory to maintain a small code since her modeling career has been rising .

The face of large size model , a stylist in London declined to be named , commented: " This is an extreme atmosphere # 0 rebound , I believe that all women are more willing to see the health of the girl 's image , not scrawny Girl . But realistically , I do not know how many women want their bodies into the 18th . I think to change the atmosphere nowadays , large code models is not a prescription , but is just one extreme to another . " talk about new designers Make Maite Britain in its 2010 spring and summer series of briefing only use three large size models , he said disapprovingly : "I believe the designers intentions. Believe me, when See that the girls were like cobwebs wrapped tightly knit shirt came out , I just feel ridiculous . "

True beauty is natural to take their

Unfortunately, some designers do not think so . Last year in October , was Karl Rumsfeld to " overweight "as the reason for dismissal of the eco clothing models complained to the outside world , Karl Rumsfeld, No. 4 of her body dissatisfaction in a print ad photo in wanton repair plan , resulting in The proportion of serious distortion of her figure . Carl remarks published in the last year , said : "Any Delicious They do not compare thin slim . "

In fact, the reader responses are also split into two factions . Some readers think , "V" models only use 2 yards or more , can be described as a bold move . Others expressed avant-garde style has always been known to "V" disappointed - No matter how the outside world over the last comment , "V" always adhere to the skin and bones route , and now even the face of a gigantic fat women put on Cover , this not the relatively conservative fashion magazine of compromise? Only the latter will be to cater to the reader , each not to add salt is not short one or two big code model layout , do not to offend .

Whether through the body , or fashion a way to perform " big man fashion , " are no doubt very creative , and by now the media event in rendering , can be expected to be subversion of a aesthetic era . The focus should be , obesity is not a new standard , the body 's natural tendencies that are the most worthy of promotion criteria.