How To Select Eco Baby Clothes and Safety Tips for New Moms


Unexpected Infant Death Syndrome claims an estimated 2, 500 children every year. The researchers found that many SIDS are triggered due to suffocation by extra accessories like pillow, covers etc . The new parents should be aware of few safety measures while using child bedding sets in cribs of their babies to avoid unfortunate situations.

Having a baby new excited parents get a wonderful opportunity to go shopping for pretty baby clothes. First they think about creating a distinctive baby nursery which often begins with baby crib and cribs bedding sets that mainly uplift the beauty of the room.

Before choosing the crib set, be sure about the material used, be it hypoallergenic or not. There are so many adorable crib bedding sets in the market which any one may get puzzled choosing from them. From theme dependent crib sets like hello kitty, John Deere, Winnie the pooh, ladybug to beautifully designed with attractive colour combination Glenna jean, Cocalo, Eco Wear etc . Other than these there are lots of sets especially for baby boys or girls. The models include mainly bumper, comforter, bed sheet and dust ruffle.

Last week I accompanied my news reporter friend to some seminar organized by a Baby Care Organization. It was primarily on Baby-Safety. An estimated 2, 500 new born little ones die every year. The researchers found that many SIDS tend to be caused due to suffocation by extra accessories like cushion, blankets etc . Here I'm presenting the views associated with expert pediatricians about crib sets for new parents.

5 Safety Measures For Using Crib Set

Though co-sleeping along with infant is convenient during those late night feedings with regard to exhausted new moms, yet this convenience may occasionally be deadly. So the pediatricians recommend letting the new created sleep in crib bedding considering the following tips:
Just the mattress and a fitted sheet should be in the baby bed. Make sure that the mattress pad and sheet fit the actual mattress tightly.

Anything extra like pillow, dolls or even extra sheets should not be kept beside newborn to avoid from suffocation.

Blanket or comforter should not be used to maintain the baby warm; instead he/she can be dressed in warmer clothes. The new born can get smothered by its own blanket which might suffocate the baby.

A ripped sheet should not be used. A little rip can get larger causing hazards to the baby. Infant's hands or legs can get stuck into the rip. Therefore either repair it or use new one.

Keep the infant's bed clean to avoid any rash on the tender pores and skin of the infant.