Music and Eco Fashion


Music and fashion can be as History , like the original rolex dresses, regardless of home, playing rock music can also become large Madou , Madou also shoot professional than the professional scope to children .

This summer, the Louis Vuitton to break the routine , get five musicians from different bands , the band Maroon 5 Mickey Madden 's home, the film was finished in 2010 autumn and winter accessories large .

This year, the Louis Vuitton autumn and winter accessories to choose as large a shot of the houses in Los Angeles, a home owner is none other than shooting models but one season - Maroon 5 band members Mickey Madden. Yes replica handbags, this year's autumn and winter accessories Louis Vuitton Matou is a group of people playing rock music . They will fashion and music together to produce a 1 +1 > 2 results.

Music and Eco fashion

So time shooting together five musicians James Valentine, Jason Boesel, Alex Greenwald, Michael Runion and Z Berg from Maroon 5, Rilo Kiley / Conor, Oberst, Phantom Planet and The Like five bands chanel handbags, in addition, They also used the name starts with each letter of the Another new band - JJAMZ.

In Mickey Madden 's home, they sat on the floor to sing , dancing ... ... This is a large filming the scenes , there is no binding of the Pose, not deliberate expressions , the natural state of people shooting at first glance thought it was a private Music Party Gucci handbags. Abundant in the California sun , Z Berg , or the free scarves draped over his body , or to transform into scarves scarf ; Michael Runion put the scarf around the chest , a simple but lack a sense of a gentleman ; hanging in the waist Small purse Smart fashion show ... ...

In this quarter, in large , JJAMZ deduced own way the spirit of Louis Vuitton brand , wild, with nature , full of natural charm . The shooting , but also inject new vitality Louis Vuitton , to have Shenmei Pilao the public can experience a perfect from the music and fashion experience louis vuitton handbags, people shooting at one of the large sheets of music , learn the essence of fashion .

Just quarter scarves

In 1942, the birth of the first Louis Vuitton scarves , designer Louis Vuitton to retain the traditional design , while adding innovative elements, each season can bring with it surprises . The women love the scarf more and more addicted .

Eco Shoulder Scarfs

Scarf embellishment on the shoulders , collar , the even the waist , hands wrapped in scarves , like a woman's mood , always gently in inadvertently revealed . It is this behaved in a hesitant , make a scarf Apparel In the fashion that never withers replica watches, it is this loss to the world between the subtle , deeply attracted every fashion, elegant , romantic woman. Almost all successful women , all very respected designer scarves , silk scarf is the best embodiment as with taste , reflects the charm of your important accessories . In autumn , has become a scarf with the best time .

As an integral fashion with small things , scarves and scarves plays an important role . Appropriate combination of scarves , clothing for your fashion sense a plus , but also add to the overall sophisticated elegance .

The match can be divided into three kinds of scarves . 

The first is the hair accessories . Since 2008, the fashion industry 's various brands onto the T station since the headscarf , hijab has become essential for autumn and winter, with a single product , you can scarf tied like a ribbon in the hair as casual , elegant and lively without losing.

Second is as shawls , scarves can be a little bigger beautify itself, the cold weather , they should not have become a large shawl style , bright scarves for slightly complex with the same color shirt , casual leisure.

Finally, there is a belt . You can scarf tied around his waist , as the overall widths in .